How to stimulate a debate on values with a broader population

The new Africa-Europe Alliance aims at stimulating growth, create jobs and foster investment. This is only possible if no one is left behind: education and health care are made available to the population, growth and development are inclusive, women are empowered to participate in a social, economic and political life, and labor market corresponds to population growth and measures are taken to protect the underprivileged and poorest.

However, the creation of a conducive environment is not enough if there is no ownership by people: 

  • If women living in a country shy away from taking up offers they get,
  • If families decide not to send their kids and particularly their daughters to school,
  • If tradition on harming physical integrity persists
  • If justice is not equal and available for each citizen

….Then, inequalities will persist. An Alliance between EU and Africa can only develop its full potential if it becomes an Alliance between people.

With this vision in mind,  the EU has teamed-up with famous artists in Côte d’Ivoire to make the Africa–Europe Alliance a reality for the population in Côte d’Ivoire, not only through projects in terms of employment, investment and growth but through creating a link between Côte d’Ivoire  and the EU by promoting values and principles shared between people in Côte d'Ivoire and the EU such as peace, stability, unity, equality, access to education and health services, solidarity, rule of law, democracy, managed migration, protection of environment, etc.

Under the leadership of Salif Traoré – A'Salfo (lead singer of Magic System and president of the Magic System foundation) and Jobst von Kirchmann (EU ambassador to the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire), the EU has teamed up with 30 Ivorian artists, from Rappers to Gospel singers who are actively engaged in letting no one behind by promoting shared values to their audiences aiming at creating inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Values and principles are promoted on stage, social media, radio and TV by the artists themselves through their songs and statements on equality, education, environment, migration, peace, etc which goes well beyond a pure musical or cultural performance.

Artists are becoming activists for promoting an inclusive society by illustrating the values Europe and Africa share.

Listen to and discuss with Salif Traoré – "A'Salfo" and Jobst von Kirchmann to understand how to sensibilise youth to create inclusive societies where nobody is left behind!

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