AFCFTA: Women & youth crucial to Africa's economic transformation

Beyond Capacity Building

African Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) signals the start of an Africa We Want. Advancing continental integrationin trade is critical if Africa is to drive its economic agenda. Expectations of African citizens run high; business communities are keen to see trade barriers lifted. A transformative AfCFTA requires inclusion of the continent’s women & youth. Our work has established that cultural & structural barriers remain stumbling blocks to women & youth. Capacity building has enabled this critical group acquire skills; but what next? At the backdrop of AfCFTA, speakers will discuss: Policy considerations for parity; Engaging women and youth in regional value chains (market access, logistics, ICT); Collective Power; Actions to increase inclusion & unlock structural barriers.


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Dorothy Tuma
TradeMark East Africa
Allen Sophia Asiimwe
Chief Technical Officer
TradeMark East Africa
Andrew Mold
Acting Director
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Ashish Shah
Director, Division of Countty Programmes
International Trade Centre
Isabelle Durant
Deputy Secretary-General
United Nations Conference on Trade
Liz Kiambi
African Wildlife Foundation