Cooperatives and peace: A case study approach

Strengthening democracy, participation and trust through the cooperative model

Based on a case study approach and focused on international cooperative development, this session will showcase what cooperatives in partnership with various civil society organisations and local and regional governments are doing to tackle inequalities, peacebuilding and conflict resolution. The audience will be introduced to different case studies and concrete achievements of the cooperative model. The model is an important vehicle to overcome inequalities in cases where vulnerable groups, such as women and youth, are more adversely affected by conflict due to their minority status. With a focus on evidence-based results in the context of peacebuilding, the session will share innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions to inequalities in geographically different conflict areas.  

Organised by


Peter van Sluijs
Coordinator CSPPS
Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid
Amanda Benson
Projects and Research Officer
Co-operative College UK
Juan Cuervo
Executive Secretary
Agnes Mathis
Cooperatives Europe
Samar Khalil
program coordinator
AVSI Foundation