The role of young people in peace processes

Emerging evidence from all over the world highlighting their roles at, around and outside the table

This session will be a space to discuss cutting-edge research in the area of youth, peace and security. It will highlight how young people play a role beyond being victims and perpetrators, but also as peacebuilders and key actors to prevent violence. Sharing the results and lessons discussed at the 2019 First International Symposium on Young People in Peace Processes, the session will include the voices of key actors in the international sphere who are helping to shape the global policies for young people in peace processes. It will also include the voices of peacebuilders on the ground who have direct experience and influence in context of negotiation of peace agreements, their transition and implementation.

Organised by


Leonardo Párraga
Executive Director
The BogotArt Foundation
Yasmine Ouirhrane
Young Leader - Italy
Reuben James Barrete
Editor for EDD Young Leaders for Development
European Commission - DG for International Cooperation and Development
Irena Grizelj
Search for Common Ground