Inequalities in agriculture: A threat to sustainable development

How climate change and environmental inequalities prevent farmers from reaching their potential

The world’s 500 million smallholder farmers face a variety of environmental, economic and educational inequalities. These equalities must be overcome to deliver the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The panel will discuss the structural causes of inequality in agriculture and how to address them.

  • Environmental inequalities: How climate change, invasive species and water scarcity affect farmers;
  • Educational inequalities: Farmers’ lack of access to information, best practice, data and advice; and
  • Economic inequalities: Financial access and land rights as barriers for farmers.

The panellists bring a wealth of experience to the discussion, and will discuss how cross-sectoral collaborations in agriculture are the only way to build a world which leaves no one behind.

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Ben Deighton
Managing Editor
Josefa Sacko
Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission
African Union Commission
Sarah Cardey
Associate Professor, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development
University of Reading
Pacita Juan
Dennis Rangi
Director General Development