Making Rights Real: From Would-Be Hero to Super Hero

Using the human rights framework to help decision-makers to reach everyone everywhere

WaterAid, together with several partners, developed guidance specifically aimed at local government officials. We first assessed what were the needs of local government officials in low-income settings to better understand their own roles and responsibilities in reaching everyone everywhere with water and sanitation. We wanted to create a guide to help support and nurture sector champions. We then designed a colourful three-piece guide – ‘Making Rights Real’ comprising a pocket guide (basic thoughts and principles), a manual (with each step explained) and the journey (showing the process). The project has helped clarifying the roles and responsibilities of decision makers. Moreover, by making their work more effective, it has also increased their motivation. They now have a much stronger understanding of the specific needs of marginalised people in relation to WASH. In addition, efforts have also been made to make information about water and sanitation services and plans available and accessible to everyone.

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