The Global Coalition to Alleviate Poverty of Refugees and Host Communities

Scaling up the graduation approach in 35 countries to alleviate 500,000 households of poverty.

Brainstorming lab
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
14:45 to 16:00

Developing countries host 85 % of the world's refugees. This puts pressure on refugees and host countries, particularly in nations with high poverty rates. Multistakeholder approaches to poverty alleviation and economic inclusion among these populations will be addressed. Participants will discuss the Graduation Approach, a multi-sector intervention, as a model to create sustainable income for the extremely poor. The Graduation Approach has a strong evidence base, with a 75 % success rate. Participants will also discuss the coalition bringing together the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Bank’s Partnership for Economic Inclusion and 11 NGOs. The coalition's target is to alleviate poverty for 500,000 households in 35 countries within five years.

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Ellen Lee
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Cian O'Brien
Associate Economic Inclusion Officer (JPO)
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Galo Quizanga
Coordinator of Economic Inclusion for Latin America and the Caribbean
John Stephens
Executive Director
The BOMA Project