Tackling Inequality through targeting the ‘Furthest Behind First’

How to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality for everyone

Speakers will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals' leave no-one behind principle and how it can be operationalised by the international community, including through the EU. Using a Furthest behind First lens, the session will explore the challenges and opportunities in addressing inequalities through policy and programming. Ireland’s new Policy for International Development, which places the Furthest behind First at the centre, will be addressed. Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Programme and how it has transformed the lives of millions of Ethiopians will be presented. The Overseas Development Institute's report, "Financing the end of extreme poverty" and OXFAM's ongoing work on its Reducing Inequality Index will be presented. Inequalities within the global food system will be discussed.    

Organised by


Tom Arnold
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland
Marcus Manuel
Overseas Development Institute
Sophie Healy-Thow
Irish Aid
Aidan Fitzpatrick
Senior Development Specialist
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland
Susanna Moorehead
Joseph Okecho Olwenyi
Coordinator-Financing for Development
Oxfam Uganda