Rise Of The Eco Village

How community-based design and supportive technologies are creating new models for equality and sustainability

Climate change action at all levels is critical for the achievement of sustainable development goals. Ecovillages around the world are serving as innovation centres for testing low-carbon, resource-efficient community design. But can ecovillages also serve as models for the development of effective institutions to cultivate inclusive, responsive and transparent decision-making in developing more regenerative, resilient societies? And are there aspects of ecovillage life which are scalable and replicable in other settings? 

An international panel will discuss key aspects of ecovillage design from environmental and social considerations to the use of supportive technologies, with examples from Asia, Africa and Europe. Then panellists and participants will brainstorm together on key ways to amplify eco-village principles to reduce inequalities in addressing climate change.

Organised by


Karina Larsen
Knowledge & Communications Manager/Gender Coordinator
UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre & Network
Irma Juskenaite
UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre & Network
Tore Muurholm Dahl
Grobund Eco-Village Denmark
Judit Szoleczky
International Network for Sustainable Energy
Ousmane Aly Pame
University teacher and Community leader
Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel