Breaking the cycle of inequality in the MENA region through cultural approach

Culture brings young people together to construct personal and cultural identities, providing voice and contributing to resilience

This session will explore the power of communicative processes – especially when combined with culture – to enable individuals and groups to construct personal and cultural identities, to provide a platform for a more diverse range of voices to be heard, to build capability of people with influence, and for marginalised groups to work together to solve problems. Speakers will draw on their personal experiences and the evidence from evaluation and research generated by three European Commission-supported programmes, and will consider the implications of this evidence for development strategy and programming. Two activist rappers will showcase their work that focuses on youth inclusion across communities in Iraq and on current affairs such as the Basra water crisis or youth unemployment.

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Fatme Masri
Director Programmes and Partnerships
British Council
Amina El Abed
Impart Peace
Rahaf Alsharif
Globally Connected, Syria
Sakar Abdulkader
British Council
Murtadha Kanaan
Artist - Genesis
Muaamar Dhannoon
Artist - Muaamar