Journalism against misleading communication about migration

The relevance of tackling inequalities in and with communication

Lab debate
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
10:00 to 11:15

In recent years, migration has moved to the top of the news agenda. As stated in the EU Consensus on Development, “migration is a complex, global, long-lasting phenomenon”. It is essential to provide the public with adequate and understandable information about migration, avoiding over-simplistic tone or victim frames. But how are the media reporting about migration? Can media and NGOs – always devoted to address global issues – collaborate to give correct information about migration?

This session will provide points of views and experiences of journalists who use a different narrative on migration from mainstream media, its causes and consequences. The journalists have teamed up with NGOs to produce journalistic releases that give voice to migrants and show the complexity of the phenomenon.

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Jara Henar
Expert on migration and mobility
Alianza por la Solidaridad
Simona Carnino
Andrea de Georgio
Pieter Stockmans
MO* Magazine