Art Fair(s) and unFair Art: Does culture reduce or consolidate inequalities?

Creativity is equally shared, but not the conditions to use it as a tool for inclusive development. Laissez-faire increases inequalities.

Brainstorming lab
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
13:00 to 14:15

Culture and creativity contribute to inclusive development, innovation, peace and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Creativity is an asset shared worldwide, but the conditions to use it as powerful tool for development are not. Laissez-faire increases existing inequalities of gender, education, opportunities, wealth or urban versus rural. Which policies work to make culture and creativity enablers for inclusive economic growth and human development? Tackling inequality starts with access to good education. Four innovative projects are presented from Angola, Belgium, Mozambique and Spain that boost children's self-confidence through creativity, improve education outcomes, build their capacity to solve problems and shape their identity by promoting local culture and traditions.

Organised by


Mercedes Giovinazzo
Interarts Foundation
Aaron Atimpe
Young Leader - Ghana
Victor Gama
artistic director
Angel Carro Castrillo
Founder and Director
The Open Earth Foundation
Cris Gabarron
Gabarron Foundation
Greta Dupont
Artspace 'De 11 Lijnen'