Local communities matter: From vocational education practices to policies

Connecting policymakers with local shakers who are offering new solutions to training in a changing economy and job market

Across the world the vocational education and training community is trying to keep up with constant changes in the labour market. Unless a relevant supply of skilled workers anchors businesses into local communities, these changes risk hindering equitable economic growth and social cohesion. Evidence from local good practices is a potentially powerful source of information in vocational education policymaking and designing how to provide it. This session examines good practices from Algeria, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Montenegro, all addressing gaps in vocational education and training. Participants will discuss ideas, approaches and tools to identify policy-relevant goals and connect evidence from local good practices to national policymaking.

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Pirita Vuorinen
Specialist in Human Capital Development
European Training Foundation
Darejan Gulaziani
Mermisi Community College
Nona Gudushauri
Mermisi Community College
Anita Mitrovic Milic
Hotel Education Centre
Arman Toskanbayev
Kazakhstan Association of Young Entrepreneurs