EUROsociAL+, the EU programme for social cohesion in Latin America

An innovative mechanism for cooperation in the new development context

EUROsociAL+ is an EU Programme that promotes the improvement of social cohesion levels, and the reduction of inequality gaps in 19 Latin American countries. This Programme is coordinated by DG DEVCO and implemented by a consortium led by FIIAPP in joint coordination with Expertise France, IILA, SISCA / SICA. EUROsociAL+ is entirely financed by the European Union.

EUROsociAL+ is a cooperation programme between Latin America and the European Union which seeks to contribute to improving social cohesion in Latin American countries. It focusses its action on the areas of gender, governance, and social policy.

EUROsociAL has been supporting the reduction of inequalities and the improvement of social cohesion for more than 10 years. It does so by facilitating spaces for dialogue between public institutions that share their experiences and knowledge to improve their policies. It is based on a horizontal approach. Collecting demands, sharing them in a regional scope, and providing solutions adapted to each context, is the mechanism that articulates the work of EUROsociAL. 

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