How can nature reduce inequalities and increase resilience?

Three stories about better management of natural resources, more inclusive governance and access for all

How best to provide better access to natural resources for the most vulnerable, more inclusive governance and long-term sustainability for all? Equitable and fair allocation, management of and access to natural resources can be a significant opportunity to promote equality, stability and ultimately peace among community groups at local, national and regional levels. In North Kenya, the Northern Rangelands Trust is empowering poor rural communities to prevent conflicts over resources. In this successful model, preserving the environment goes hand-in-hand with economic activities that benefit all, especially women. In many regions of the world, rural communities depend on wild meat for their food. But the resource is shrinking. Solutions exist to provide meat while preserving wildlife.

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Andrew Murphy
Senior Expert
European Commission - DG for Environment
Marjeta Jager
Deputy Director-General
European Commission - DG for International Cooperation and Development
Trevor Sandwith
Director Global Protected Area Programme
International Union for the Conservation of Nature
Mette Loyche Wilkie
Director Forestry Division
Kaddu Sebunya
Chief Executive Officer
African Wildlife Foundation
Tom Lalampaa
Chief Executive Officer
Northern Rangelands Trust
Olivia Mufute
African Wildlife Foundation