Can Open Innovation be an answer to development challenges?

Open Innovation: Inequalities in developing countries, new technologies, blended competencies and implications for the future

This session will be based on the debate around technology, its potential as well as threats in fighting inequalities, from classic technology transfer to Open Innovation approaches, incorporating human centred and inclusive design. It will concentrate on the impact of innovation policies and use of technologies in the developing world. Innovations and technology must be put at the service of social impact to align policies with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Can Open Innovation be an enabling process to create shared values, jobs and social impact? How is it possible to sustain a disruptive and inclusive space, linking the public and private sectors, universities, civil society organisations, designers and entrepreneurs, eager to play a role in sustainable development? 

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Francesca Folda
Global Communication Director
Amani Institute
Mark Kamau
Director of User Experience
Cristina Toscano
Fondazione Cariplo
Tinna Nielsen
Emilio Ciarlo
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation