Inequalities in the labour market: New challenges ahead for the EU and Latin America

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
10:00 to 11:15

High-level experts in social policies in Latin America and Europe and participants will focus on the inequalities that characterise the labour market in both regions. The session will explore:
-The state of inequalities in the labour market, with special emphasis on how they affect women and young people;
-The scope and limitations of public employment policies and the gaps that the EUROsociAL+ programme for social cohesion in Latin America has helped to reduce;
-Future challenges that development actors must face.

Participants will discuss the fourth industrial revolution, access to employment, precarisation, salaries, social dialogue instruments, polarisation of those with high and low qualifications, the generational gap, and investment in future workers´ transversal skills training.

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Francesco M. Chiodi
Coordinator - EU's Programme Eurosocial+
Chiara Saraceno
Collegio Carlo Alberto
Alfredo Suárez Mieses
Central American Social Integration Secretariat
Mauricio Dierckxsens
International Labour Organization
Eduardo Lepore
Ministry of Social Development, Secretariat for Social Security