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  • 'It’s time to take bold decisions'

    According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, 'It’s time to take bold decisions to put the world on a path towards sustainable development and eradicate poverty once and for all.' 

    He will be joined by Melinda Gates, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica as well as other global leaders at the European Development Days 2015 to discuss how to make these goals a reality in the future.

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  • Neven Mimica: 'Development days is a chance for the EU to influence the crucial 2015 development agenda'

    We are currently halfway through what is certain to be a pivotal year for development. The European commission and parliament dedicated 2015 as the European year for development (EYD) - the first year to focus on external affairs.

    Why? We did this, quite simply, because the world stands at a critical crossroads. Important opportunities sit within our reach as we take stock of progress made on the millennium development goals (MDGs), agreed by the international community in 2000, and look towards the future of development.


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  • Nirj Deva: 'European Development Days can shape the global agenda'

    The end of the millennium development goals framework is a chance for the international community to reflect on its mistakes and adapt to changing times, writes Nirj Deva, Vice-chair of Parliament's Development Committee. 

    'Eight guiding principles have, for the past 15 years, driven and catalysed our collective adherence to a fundamental recognition of a wider perspective; one by which we are compelled, in our own relative ease and security, to assume a greater responsibility to those most vulnerable, regardless of vicinity or gain.

    And yet, as the millennium development goals (MDG) framework faces its swan song, the year for development signals the prospect for valuable, if somewhat self-indulgent, reflection; a chance for the international community to weigh its laudable successes against the undeniable mistakes. Ideally, we will learn from our blunders. The advent of the post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs) will demand that we face fresh challenges, complacency not least among them. Perversely, our triumphs are threatened by the very nature of their success. '

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